Subrigo, IVAD Communications Combine on Property Management Solutions

Subrigo and IVAD Communications announced the upcoming release of new telecommunications product bundles designed to make it easier for channel partners to offer a complete package of advanced telephony equipment and services to property management companies, which in turn can offer the services to tenants. The new offerings will facilitate the incorporation of these bundles with the voice, data, and fax services Subrigo and IVAD Communications currently offer, allowing partners to generate new revenues and increase existing customer retention.

The key components of these offerings consist point-to-point wireless data connected, direct fiber connections into buildings, co-location facilities, and any other telecommunications solutions tenants may need. By working with Subrigo and IVAD Communications, property management companies can provide enhanced services, making their properties more attractive to tenants, and simplify overall operations.

“I am really excited at the interest these telecommunications solutions have generated from existing property management companies,” said David Rosen, CEO of IVAD Communications. “By providing our technology, industry knowledge, and consulting, we are able to offer tenants high quality services at an incredible value.”