TBI Adds HarborShield Cybersecurity to Provider Portfolio

TBI, a technology brokerage firm, announced the addition of HarborShield Cybersecurity, DBA of Harbor Networks Inc., to its provider portfolio.

HarborShield’s core offerings include customized modular security programs that can be broken out and sold a’ la carte to businesses. This includes items such as security assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability management, vCISO, policy development, incident response/forensics, incident response tabletop exercise, governance, security awareness and customized modular cybersecurity programs.

Setting apart from its competitors, HarborShield takes an agnostic/aggregator approach to building solutions, allowing its team the ability to customize programs without tying it to one specific vendor. Rather, HarborShield takes the time to match vendors that fit each individual client, providing more than a singular option. As leaders in the cybersecurity community, HarborShield Cybersecurity also offers compliance certifications for its customers (i.e SOC2, ISO2001 etc.), giving it more protection when needed.

With clients as small as four employees and as large as 5,000, HarborShield can tailor its cybersecurity programs and projects to any size, anywhere in the world. Key verticals on which the company focuses include the financial, health care, legal, manufacturing, insurance and other regulated industries.

For more information visit www.tbicom.com and follow TBI on LinkedIn.