Telarix Shortlisted for Global Carrier Awards

Telarix has been shortlisted for innovation in automation in three categories: Best Anti-Fraud Solution, Best SMS Innovation and Best European Project, for the upcoming Global Carrier Awards.

The Global Carrier Awards celebrate innovation and excellence, and set the benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the global wholesale telecom marketplace.

“These three categories in which we have been shortlisted represent the diversity we have within our product suite and truly show our commitment and dedication to an automated Telecom world,” said Vic Bozzo, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Telarix.

The Telarix Fraud Defense Suite, shortlisted for the Best Anti-Fraud Solution, is a suite of solutions, designed to protect carriers from fraud by focusing on early detection, fast-blocking action, and on-going vigilance through real time data and information gathering.  This real-time surveillance instinctively halts fraud shortly after detection.   These capabilities allow carriers to monitor all activity for any instances of fraud, to realize every occurrence of fraud early, and to automatically stop, or block, fraud as it occurs.

Based on Telarix’s recent deployment of its origin-based routing, rating and billing at Telefonica Germany, Telarix has been shortlisted for the Best European Project Award.  Telefonica Germany and Telarix partnered together to consolidate Telefonica’s back end systems, add advanced features such as national rating, origin and destination based routing, rating and billing. The project was a success, despite strict German telecom regulations, and has presented Telefonica Germany with advanced levels of automation and a platform that is unparalleled in the industry.

“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for these products and implementations,” said Glen Kazerman, CEO, Telarix. “We are committed to continuing to partner with carriers to diminish some of the most complex issues they face.”

Also notably, Telarix was shortlisted for Best SMS Innovation. The addition of SMS to its iXLink platform has simplified the SMS world. With this addition, carriers are now able to securely and automatically exchange SMS price lists between one another, accurately map SMS codes to ensure accurate destination and origination rates, and deploy a low cost routing system for SMS, the company said.