TELoIP Touts SD-WAN for Resellers

TELoIP is showcasing its SD-WAN and SD-Internet solutions for resellers.

Sold exclusively through partners, TELoIP’s multi-patented Virtual Intelligent Network Overlay (VINO) solutions enable resellers to address their business customers’ changing, multi-site networking requirements while transitioning to SD-WAN at their preferred pace.

“Rapid adoption of cloud-based applications is increasing businesses’ dependence on the Internet and impacting their networking needs, driving customers to demand greater agility, reliability and performance at lower costs,” said Rui Luis, CEO of TELoIP. “The shift from the traditional MPLS WAN to SD-WAN poses both opportunities and threats for channel partners, as they attempt to adapt their business models without major disruption to existing offerings that their customers depend on.”

TELoIP’s VINO Internet solution is meant to boost the speed, quality and efficiency of partners’ managed VPN and cloud services, with an upgrade path to complete SD-WAN. VINO Internet combines the full speed of multiple links from any ISP into one virtual connection. VINO Internet also has patented optimization and automated failover.

“While typical SD-WAN solutions are designed to improve WAN security and efficiency through enhanced cloud management and improved broadband performance, TELoIP’s VINO WAN brings an added dimension that extends these software-defined benefits to all WAN, cloud and Internet traffic,” the company said. “VINO WAN delivers higher speeds at a fraction of the cost of MPLS-based WANs with no sacrifice in application performance, while enabling partners to easily build scalable, secure customer networks that connect tens or even thousands of sites across North America.”

At the heart of VINO WAN and VINO Internet is the TELoIP Cloud, a distributed network of intelligent controllers that form a hardened, multi-tenant control plane. With multiple points of presence across North America, the TELoIP cloud enables channel resellers to build carrier-grade SD-WAN and SD-Internet solutions with nationwide reach, without their own CAPEX infrastructure investment. Cloud-based orchestration with the TELoIP Portal provides end-to-end visibility and control of VINO solutions through a single pane of glass, from order entry and provisioning to QoE monitoring and management.

“Our turnkey, CAPEX-free partner program is perfect for resellers who want to accelerate their entry into the emerging ecosystem for SD-WAN and cloud-managed services,” continued Luis. “We provide the technology, infrastructure and tools that our partners need to easily integrate third-party services and efficiently manage the end-to-end quality of experience, all with broadband per-megabit pricing. And since we offer our solutions only through resellers, partners don’t need to worry about us competing with them for the same customer accounts.”

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