Tier 1 Pacific Rim Operator Expands Network to Achieve Nationwide Coverage with Ceragon

Ceragon Networks Ltd., a leader in wireless hauling solutions, announced that a Tier 1 0perator in the Pacific Rim has placed a significant follow-on frame agreement with Ceragon for its flexible wireless hauling solutions, to transform its network towards 5G.

To create a better, more connected nation, Ceragon will help the operator expand its urban network coverage, reliability and speeds, as well as extend its network to the rural countryside to achieve nationwide coverage. The frame agreement is valued at up to $23 million throughout 2021 and 2022.

As a leader in 5G technology, the operator had launched its 5G services in major metropolitans in 2019 and has more than 700 sites. Ceragon enables the operator to achieve 5G modernization with reduced site build service costs.

As the operator plans to deepen its network’s reach, Ceragon’s multicore technology helps it secure a fast and cost-effective path for delivering 5G capacity on sites. Ceragon will also provide the operator turnkey solutions and services that will allow a reliable delivery of essential services.

The tier 1 Pacific Rim operator is committed to delivering reliable connectivity coverage to its rural countryside – a challenging task considering the great distances and geographical barriers between remote towns. By leveraging Ceragon’s high-power solutions, the operator can cover longer distances with fewer sites, leading to reduced capital and operating expenses.