Torq Delivers Partner Program With Guaranteed 25% Margins

Torq, a security hyper-automation leader, launched the Torq Partner Acceleration Program, which breaks free from old-school partner models and constraints, to deliver guaranteed-margin opportunities possible.

With the Torq Partner Acceleration Program, there are no more “silver, gold, and platinum” tiers. Instead, Torq offers its partner ecosystem – which already includes leading channel and security vendors – a customer outcome-based tiering system.

Margin opportunities are aligned to the partnership investments made to position, implement, operationalize and support Torq Hyperautomation. The program offers three tiers: Reseller, Post-Sales and Professional Services Support, and MSP/MSSP Full Lifecycle Management.

At the MSP/MSSP level, partners are guaranteed a 25 percent margin, something rarely heard of in the partner world.

“The partner ecosystem across industries has forever been profoundly unhappy with setups that create incredible hurdles to jump over to achieve success,” said Sheldon Muir, head of Global Channels for Torq. “From the outset, The Torq Partner Acceleration Program was designed to deliver a clear path towards activation, operationalization, and adoption. We’re giving our partners exactly what they’re asking for: high, guaranteed margins, comprehensive co-selling opportunities, and total deal support, and we spell it all out crystal clear in our contracts. What makes this partner program truly unique is that it was created with the customer outcome and experience in mind. Customers often get left out of the equation when partner programs are developed. With Torq, our partner program starts with the desired customer outcome, then incorporates the necessary elements from the partnership to ensure it materializes.”

Torq SVP of Global Sales Josh Morris added, “For too long, partners have been stuck in complicated, antiquated programs. In contrast, Torq is incredibly easy to work with. Our straightforward and frictionless approach means partners can be laser-focused on signing new deals and empowering our joint customers to manage the incredibly complex cyber threat environments they’re facing. We’ve heard the message loud and clear: enterprises need to do more with less, all while growing their businesses. We’re achieving this for myriad customers spanning the Fortune 500, including the world’s biggest financial, technology, consumer packaged goods, fashion, hospitality, and sports apparel companies. We’re thrilled to open up those possibilities for our channel partners through this program.

Torq partners are co-selling Torq Hyperautomation, an enterprise-grade security hyper-automation platform capable of automating the most complex security infrastructures at a dramatic scale. It provides the ability to automate all workflows and processes across the entirety of modern enterprise security organizations to deliver best-in-class, end-to-end cybersecurity protection.

The Torq Hyperautomation Platform enables security professionals to create and deploy complex, sophisticated workflows in minutes, more than 10 times faster than legacy SOAR.

In addition to guaranteed margins, partners selling Torq Hyperautomation benefit from:

  • Higher Win Rates – Torq’s universally-deployable Hyperautomation platform increases sales across partner ecosystems
  • Deep Sales Enablement – Comprehensive content, including videos, eBooks, data sheets, and white papers
  • Comprehensive Training Resources – Torq’s partner reps deliver detailed co-sell webinars, playbooks, strategy, and 1:1 support
  • Scalable Services – Torq empowers partners to start building monthly recurring revenue by monitoring, advising, and managing Torq Hyperautomation for multiple customers.
  • Technical Assistance – Torq is on standby to answer any technical and deployment questions partners and customers have

Learn more about the Torq Partner Acceleration Program here: