Traceable AI Becomes Launch Partner for Wiz Integration

Traceable, a leading API security company, announced its partnership with cloud security provider, Wiz, as the company unveils Wiz Integration (WIN).

Traceable, selected as a launch partner, brings the power of API security to WIN, so customers can integrate Wiz into their existing workflows.

Through the integration, the combined solution of the Wiz Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and Traceable’s API Security Platform, gives organizations superior protection against API threats in the cloud. IT and security teams can correlate and prioritize threats across architectural layers, enabling them to reduce their risk, without disruptions to speed or productivity.

In addition, WIN enables Wiz and Traceable to share prioritized security findings with context including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. Mutual customers receive these benefits:

  1. Prioritize risk management with comprehensive API to container visibility – By unifying the full scope of OWASP apps, APIs threats, and cloud-native environments, mutual customers can integrate container vulnerability identification with API threats and business logic abuse insights. This integration enables better prioritization, creating a resilient, secure cyber environment tailored to your unique business needs. This ensures your security posture is optimized, leveraging a holistic approach to empower your enterprise in the complex cyber landscape.
  2. Identify and analyze distributed attacks – The integration delivers enhanced detection by combining insights from both cloud-native internal and API external activities to identify indicators of compromise. This dual-layered approach enables a more nuanced and effective response to threats. Furthermore, your security teams become closely connected, creating a streamlined loop for improved threat detection and forensics. This capability bridges the gap between teams, augmenting security intelligence and facilitating a faster, more efficient response to potential cyber threats.
  3. Improve coordination across security teams with deeper context – Ensures rapid threat contextualization, prioritization, and response, by integrating container, K8S infrastructure, workload insights with API threats, and business logic abuse. This bridges information gaps between Cloud infrastructure and AppSec teams, optimizing threat response.

The combined value of these two offerings will streamline security for organizations that are on a cloud journey, regardless of where they may be on that journey. Code to cloud security can be realized by correlating and prioritizing threats seen in the APIs, and correlating them with security issues seen in the cloud. Our joint customers can now realize it with this integration.

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