VIPRE Launches ‘Microsoft – Better Together’ Campaign

VIPRE Security Group has launched its “Microsoft – Better Together Campaign,” to provide Microsoft Partners with a profitable way to separate themselves from competitors in their cybersecurity offerings.

With the cybersecurity market projected to reach $162 billion in 2023, there is a tremendous opportunity for VIPRE partners through this effort.

VIPRE continues its dedication to its three foundational pillars of cybersecurity: People, Process, and Technology, insisting that only when all three pillars stand together does an organization have a 360-degree portfolio of protection from arising cyber threats.

  1. People: Security Awareness Training – With the global cybersecurity training market projected to reach more than $18 billion by 2027, VIPRE’s eLearning solution provides Microsoft Partners with an offering to take to market. Providing tailored, engaging, and comprehensive security awareness training content that is deployable can help to reduce human-related security incidents since more than 84 percent of all breaches are caused by human error.
  2. Process: VIPRE Email Archiving – With businesses moving their email infrastructure to the cloud, leveraging the opportunities and features of Microsoft 365 becomes critical. VIPRE Email Archiving captures and stores every incoming, outgoing, or internal email and provides a solution that helps customers reduce costs, while retaining all email data required for compliance – without impacting productivity.
  3. Technology: VIPRE SafeSend – VIPRE SafeSend (available on the Azure Marketplace), is a data loss awareness (DLA) solution that expands on the security offered by Microsoft 365 to provide additional value to users. This email plug-in enables VIPRE Partners to deliver clients an integrated solution that enhances security and reduces the risk associated with misaddressed emails. Additionally, the Azure Marketplace integration provides customers with a simple way to evaluate the solution and build awareness to defend against threats and demonstrate a more cohesive relationship with Microsoft’s infrastructure.

Individually, each of the VIPRE solutions empowers organizations to expand their product offerings. When packaged together as part of a Microsoft 365 proposals, they provide partners and their clients with the a comprehensive, layered security program.

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