Visp.Net Streamlines Business for ISPs, WISPs

For ISPs and wireless ISPs (WISPs) seeking to maximize cost savings and further streamline their businesses, real-time subscriber and service provisioning is the key, according to the CEO of billing and subscriber management solutions vendor Visp.Net.

Visp.Net has provided its subscriber and billing automation software for more than 20 years and focuses on eliminating the critical yet repetitive tasks that ISPs and WISPs face every day, helping them streamline, take control and grow their businesses.

“RADIUS is the gold standard for ISP subscriber authentication, but RADIUS can be expensive to implement and doesn’t provide a complete solution for WISPs,” said Visp.Net CEO Todd Grannis. “It also doesn’t instantly update provisioned speeds when subscribers upgrade their service. Our HyperRADIUS with SmartSession solution provides significant cost-savings by tying RADIUS authentication to subscriber data, enabling the system to react automatically to changes in packages and payment status.”

HyperRADIUS with SmartSession allows WISPs to instantly upgrade/downgrade package speeds and automatically connect or disconnect subscribers from the billing system. HyperRADIUS frees WISP owners from the important and time-consuming process of managing subscribers and their services. It works with industry-standard devices like MikroTik, Cisco Meraki and Ruckus to provide instant and automated service provisioning. SmartSession eliminates the need to force a RADIUS re-authentication event after making updates to a subscriber package, such as speed changes or disconnects. It also eliminates the momentary disruption caused by legacy RADIUS implementations that might be noticed by subscribers running real-time applications for gaming or stock trading.

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