VMware Unleashes Next Evolution of VMware Partner Connect

VMware Inc. announced the next evolution of VMware Partner Connect – the company’s singular, unified, global partner program. Partner Connect’s new framework aligns to today’s cloud, services and solutions-centric business models, and it will help partners drive better business performance and profitability while transforming their businesses for tomorrow.

The evolved VMware Partner Connect program delivers a flexible framework to support partners’ go-to-market with VMware, accelerates partner growth and rewards partners for the totality of their achievements and capabilities.

VMware is delivering several immediate benefits, with additional capabilities and enhancements to be made available in the future.

VMware has identified three core profit drivers that show up consistently within the company’s most profitable partners: services, lifecycle profit, and stickiness. Each pillar is synergistic and interconnected to create revenue and profit opportunities.

For partners focused on these three areas, the results are tangible. When comparing VMware’s most profitable partners to the worldwide averages: more than 80 percent of revenue from their VMware practice is driven from services (cloud, managed, professional); services profit is 1.5 times higher, and professional service days revenue is more than 2 times higher.

“VMware has applied learnings from thousands of partners to drive the next evolution of Partner Connect and help partners perform while they transform. VMware is well positioned to help partners capture on the massive and growing opportunity in multi-cloud,” said Tracy-Ann Palmer, vice president, Partner Experience, Programs and Investments, VMware. “We now have one unified partner program that will be more flexible and efficient, with simpler paths to progression and more tools to help manage partners’ VMware business. We’re optimizing incentives and programs to help partners take their SaaS and subscription businesses to another level and capitalize on cloud-centric business models and economics.”

With the next evolution of Partner Connect, VMware partners benefit from a flexible point system, simplified tiering, a business model orientation and add more self-service and automation to improve partner efficiency and profitability. Partner Connect rewards partners for different ways they create value, including performance and capability activities. Progression in the program will be based on the new points system rather than a complex mix of IT pathways. Partners that progress to the new Pinnacle tier will experience greater financial benefits and VMware engagement, including managed account coverage, joint business plan development, and access to big bets programs.

Additionally, Partner Connect will support four different business models under a single program: Solution Services, Solution Builder, Cloud Solution Provider, and Solution Reseller. Creating this flexible, collaborative framework across these four business models enables VMware to unify support across all business models. VMware will deliver a self-service dashboard that provides partners easy-to-access visibility into where they stand in the Partner Connect program. Partners will be able to track their progression, incentives earned, competencies achieved and other valuable telemetry for managing their VMware business. 

For more information, visit www.vmware.com/company.