Zerto In-Cloud for AWS Delivers Disaster Recovery at Scale

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, announces today Zerto In-Cloud for AWS, a cloud-native, software offering of the Zerto platform that delivers disaster recovery (DR) for Amazon EC2 instances, scaling to protect 1,000-plus instances across regions, availability zones and accounts.

Unveiled at AWS re:Invent 2021, Zerto In-Cloud brings reliability and speed to the protection of enterprise AWS applications with simple automated workflows for failover, recovery and testing.

Organizations that run workloads in Amazon EC2 instances need to protect them with a simple and scalable disaster recovery solution. The challenge with available solutions is they are either agent-based, require heavy manual configuration and management, are limited in regional coverage or do not integrate easily with automation tools. As such, these solutions do not allow for protection and recovery at scale or speed.

To address these challenges, Zerto is expanding its DR capabilities to Amazon EC2 instances that need protection across AWS regions and availability zones. Zerto’s innovative approach for in-cloud replication solves the scaling issue with orchestration and automation without requiring agents.

Zerto In-Cloud improves volume replication efficiency at scale across regions and zones, and optimizes orchestration workflows to achieve minimal data loss and rapid recovery to achieve the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO). Zerto In-Cloud brings a simple, scalable and efficient cloud-native DR to AWS workloads that are born in the cloud or migrated into the cloud.

Zerto’s capabilities includes migration, disaster recovery and backup to AWS as well as protection of Amazon EC2 workloads to on-premises environments. Zerto In-Cloud complements these capabilities by introducing a resilient, highly scalable, cloud-native architecture for in-cloud disaster recovery.

API-centric management allows Zerto In-Cloud to be integrated easily into a user’s automation solution of choice to streamline workload protection as part of an overall data management strategy. Zerto provides one platform and one experience for disaster recovery, backup, and mobility to, from and between AWS workloads, whether that’s for VMs or containers.

Additional key capabilities of Zerto In-Cloud for AWS include:

  • Automated Failover Testing – Zerto In-Cloud automation and orchestration allows for non-disruptive failover testing of all instances in an AWS region or availability zone to validate recovery plans and ensure you are ready when an outage of disaster strikes.
  • Application Protection – Protect and recover large complex applications like SAP or Oracle. Zerto In-Cloud orchestration enables protection groups across multiple instances in AWS.
  • Stateless Management – The Zerto In-Cloud management components can be run from any Amazon EC2 region and can be protected region to region to be resilient against any regional outage.

Zerto In-Cloud for AWS will be available on the AWS Marketplace in early 2022. For information about Zerto In-Cloud for AWS, click here. If attending AWS re:Invent 2021, visit Zerto at booth 640. Click here to also get on-demand access to learn and explore Zerto for AWS.