Zomentum Reinvents Partner Management with Zomentum PartnerAlign

Zomentum, creators of an intelligent Revenue Platform for technology partners, announces today at Connect IT Global in Las Vegas that it is reinventing how SaaS vendors and technology partners work together with the launch of Zomentum PartnerAlign. The PartnerAlign Partner Management solution directly aligns SaaS vendors with partners’ daily revenue-generating activities through Zomentum’s all-in-one partner-led Revenue Platform.

PartnerAlign reinvents partner relationship management (PRM) by putting SaaS vendors at the center of tech partners’ revenue-generating activities. The platform includes the Zomentum Grow sales acceleration application, where thousands of partners build proposals and convert small and medium business (SMB) prospects into customers, and Zomentum Connect, a software license reconciliation and automated billing tool designed to prevent lost revenue on unbilled licenses.

With PartnerAlign, SaaS companies can offer their technology partners on-demand sales enablement materials, real-time support and shadow assists on quotes to convert more end clients. Communication is strengthened, support is effortless and visibility on shared revenue goals is transparent.

“With the launch of Zomentum PartnerAlign, SaaS vendors are fully integrated into our partner-led Revenue Platform, enabling partners to sell and procure SaaS solutions in the same place for the first time,” said Zomentum CEO Shruti Ghatge. “We’re enabling SaaS vendors to integrate into the partners’ sales workflows, removing the friction of the traditional partner sales model.

“Our partner-first platform delivers the first-ever open ecosystem where partners can discover SaaS vendors in our marketplace or through our integrations with leading distributors. No matter the preferred source, partners can run all sales through one place with the Zomentum Revenue Platform,” she added.

Zomentum’s approach contrasts with the traditional model in which partners leave their internal sales systems to log into vendors’ portals to retrieve sales collateral, register deals, order solutions and collect invoices. Using individual vendor portals results in inefficient swivel-chair integrations — inputting data manually from one system into another — that become unwieldy for partners as the number of vendors increases. This inefficiency stifles partners’ sales and shrinks vendors’ pipelines.

By integrating SaaS companies into the partners’ sales system, Zomentum PartnerAlign makes it easier for partners to work with SaaS vendors and, in turn, helps SaaS companies grow their channel programs and revenue.

PartnerAlign enables SaaS vendors to:

  • Sign up and onboard partners quickly.
  • Educate partners on products and services.
  • Enable partner sales with marketing content and collateral.
  • Provide shadow sales assistance via real-time chat.
  • See real-time quoting behaviors to forecast partner sales more accurately.
  • Share and manage leads and boost pipeline efficiency.
  • Pinpoint which sales enablement tools and product bundles are working.
  • Tap into Zomentum’s growing network of partners.

With PartnerAlign, vendors can tap into Zomentum’s Revenue Platform, which is used by a growing network of more than 3,000 tech partners to fuel technology sales revenue of $800 million a year and counting.

SaaS vendors interested in leveraging Zomentum PartnerAlign can sign up for an account at www.zomentum.com/partneralign.

Tech partners can access Zomentum’s capabilities as part of their subscription to the Zomentum Grow sales application. The Align and Discover modules allow partners to access vendor sales materials, log deals with vendors, consolidate monthly multi-vendor billing and browse the SaaS solutions marketplace. The sales acceleration application enables partners to assess client needs, discover solutions, design proposals, convert deals, automate tedious tasks, analyze sales pipelines and expand account revenue. To request a demo, visit www.zomentum.com/demo/grow.

SaaS vendors and partners can meet the Zomentum team at Connect IT Global, The Kaseya Conference through Thursday at the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas.

In addition, Zomentum’s Channel Chief Ted Roller and Product Manager Ben Spector will introduce Zomentum, a Connect IT Global Diamond Sponsor, from the main stage at 1:30 p.m., today, prior to the Keynote Address by NFL Legend Terry Bradshaw.