PCCW Global and TNS Plus Announce Collaboration

PCCW Global and TNS Plus have announced a strategic collaboration focused on delivering multi-cloud connectivity to both local and multinational enterprises.

As part of the Veon Group, TNS Plus provides a range of enterprise connectivity solutions in Khazakstan, including lease of international / intercity channels and data transmission, as well as voice traffic termination and enterprise-grade internet solutions.

The collaboration will allow TNS Plus to leverage the power of PCCW Global’s Console Connect SDI  platform to offer its enterprise and T2 carrier clients connectivity to the rest of world and access to their global cloud ecosystem.

The underlying PCCW Global transmission and IP networks enable Console Connect to deliver significant economies of scale, high speed performance and assured quality of service, to connect to their critical cloud workloads. Local enterprises no longer have to rely on the public internet, which can be unreliable, insecure and susceptible to prolonged and unexpected outages.