BCN Expands Cloud Voice Offering with Spectrum Voice Services

BCN, a New Jersey-based communications technology solution provider focused on multi-location businesses, has expanded its cloud voice portfolio with the addition of Spectrum Business Voice from Spectrum Business.

This reliable, cost-effective, VoIP-based service allows BCN customers to move forward with a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) replacement option for standard voice, fax, credit, alarm, fire and elevator lines.

BCN’s addition of Spectrum Business Voice means BCN Sales Partners can deliver cloud voice services to customers using Spectrum’s advanced communications network throughout its service area. Spectrum Business is a part of Charter Communications Inc., a broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 31 million customers in 41 states through the Spectrum brand of internet, TV, mobile and voice services.

“Providing pathways for customers interested in transitioning critical business services to a cloud-based solution is key to a BCN technology solution. The addition of Spectrum Business Voice creates such a pathway. We know our sales partners and customers will benefit from the addition of Spectrum Business Voice to mitigate the rising cost of copper POTS lines,” said Julian Jacquez, BCN President and Chief Operating Officer. “This is another exciting addition to the BCN cloud voice portfolio, which also includes Hosted Voice, SIP Trunks, and other POTS Replacement options. The breadth and flexibility within the BCN portfolio allow a transition from TDM to IP-based services whenever the customer is ready.”