BoostSecurity Exits Stealth to Build Trust into Software Supply Chain

BoostSecurity, a developer-first, zero-friction DevSecOps automation platform that builds trust into the software supply chain, has emerged from stealth with $12 million in seed funding. Led by Sorenson Capital, with additional support from Hoxton Ventures, Golden Ventures, Firebolt Ventures and Transform VC, the investment will be used to accelerate the platform’s go-to-market and engineering initiatives.

BoostSecurity solves problems that have plagued organizations that are trying to ship software fast, while doing it securely. The modern technology stack is complex, as is the modern CI/CD pipeline. Security tooling is needed at various stages in the development, build, test and release processes. However, all these additional security measures come at the expense of friction to development, velocity slowdown, and security noise for development teamsMoreover, the tools and environments where software is being built, have become the target of cyberattacks themselves.

BoostSecurity disrupts DevSecOps by bringing the automation that hyperscale companies developed internally to all. Now, organizations can secure CI/CD pipelines, ship code fast, run all the necessary security checks on every commit, and fix issues as they are building code along the way, all without additional personnel, services or infrastructure.

“Most software organizations do not have the resources to implement the same grade of automation and optimization as hyperscale companies do when it comes to shipping software fast and securely,” said Zaid Al Hamami, CEO at BoostSecurity. “BoostSecurity empowers organizations of any size to implement the same DevSecOps processes and technologies that the most advanced organizations have refined, ultimately closing the trust gap between DevOps and security. Our platform enables early detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities at every layer of the stack while ensuring the continuous integrity of the software supply chain at every step from the developer’s keyboard to cloud production.”

In addition to the challenge of shipping secure software, BoostSecurity’s SaaS offering helps all engineering and security teams contend with the challenging task of securing the software supply chain itself against CI/CD misconfigurations, insider threats, compromised dependencies, and more.

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