Case Study: City of Roswell Leverages Dark Fiber

The City of Roswell, Georgia recently chose FiberLight to design and deploy an additional dark fiber ring to support residents’ next-generation capabilities and provide heightened network performance, bandwidth, speed, redundancy and security. Having served as a dark fiber provider for elements of the community’s network since 2006, the city again turned to FiberLight due to the company’s familiarity with the area’s network, history of ongoing support and close partnership, and ability to provide the ideal network solution with its presence in an adjacent data center.

Challenge: Digital Service Compounds Slowed Network Access and Performance

As demands on the city’s network grew parallel to its range of digital service offerings, Roswell found that it needed to augment its fiber infrastructure and quickly deploy a network that would enable real-time and always-on user access. The city required a network that would empower geographic redundancy and failover capabilities, allowing critical data across the many city departments to be backed up at an additional data center location aside from the city’s primary on-premises facility.

Over time, the Roswell community has adopted and integrated an increasingly sophisticated digital environment, leading to growing network requirements as users interact with and employ a growing repertoire of mobile capabilities. Subsequently, Roswell found itself in need of greater storage capability, better connectivity to its server environment and overall augmented network performance to support its various mission-critical requirements.

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