CloudBlue Agreement with Wanget Enhances Subscription Economy

CloudBlue, a large cloud marketplace for the channel, signed a three-year agreement with Wanget Inc. that allows Wanget to use CloudBlue’s SaaS platform to grow its digital content distribution service Video Plant and capture more of the subscription economy by selling recurring stock keeping units (SKUs) to end customers in Japan.

In addition, CloudBlue will help handle backend billing, subscription management, multi-country management, marketplace and fulfillment requirements. As a result, Wanget is expected to transform its digital supply chain end-to-end and expand its video production platform into international markets.

Japan is a key market for CloudBlue, and Wanget will play a key role in growing our ISV ecosystem in the country,” said YiLun Miao, managing director, Asia Pacific and Japan at CloudBlue. “Adoption of B2B subscription models has been slower in Japan, unlike the quick uptake in many Western countries. Now, the tide seems to be turning as users in Japan are recognizing the many business benefits, including increased customer loyalty, more accurate forecasting, and better customer insights.”

Wanget CEO Masaya Yoshizawa added, “Our mission is to provide the infrastructure that can produce, distribute, and manage the digital content that is needed as the world shifts digitally. As we endeavor to create a sustainable chain of success that empowers creators and stakeholders while brightening the world we live in, we are excited to see what the future will hold in this truly global relationship.”

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