DE-CIX and MSK-IX Announce St. Petersburg as a New DE-CIX Location

DE-CIX and MSK-IX, an internet exchange operator based in Russia, have announced the availability of all DE-CIX interconnection services in the metropolitan region of St. Petersburg.

The location will be marketed as DE-CIX St. Petersburg, powered by MSK-IX. Soon, customers will profit from interconnection services like GlobePEER remote, VirtualPNI and DirectCLOUD. The latter is particularly suitable to serve the cloud demands of enterprises.

DE-CIX St. Petersburg is part of the strategic growth that aims to enlarge the DE-CIX interconnection ecosystem towards Northern and Eastern Europe, as the city is the ideal entrance to Scandinavia. With GlobePEER remote, customers are now able to peer at 14 IXs across three continents.