Domino Data Lab Partners with TD SYNNEX

Domino Data Lab, a provider of the Enterprise MLOps platform, is expanding and strengthening its partner channel with a partnership with TD SYNNEX, a global IT distributor and solutions aggregator. Domino’s enterprise MLOps platform is now available through TD SYNNEX’s global technology distribution and aggregation services to help enterprises in more than 100 countries scale data science quickly and with ease.

An industry survey found that 37 percent of companies rank data science, ML and AI as the single most important factor for growth, yet nearly as many (27 percent) say access to appropriate data science tools and methods is their most significant challenge to scaling it. By leveraging Domino along with complementary partner solutions, TD SYNNEX partners and customers can deliver data science teams these required resources to build, deploy, and monitor machine learning models across the business.

TD SYNNEX’s more than 150,000 customers can leverage technology from Domino and its technology partners to begin innovating using a variety of modern AI stacks. Certifications with full-stack AI solutions like the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite and NetApp ONTAP AI ensure high performance and tight integration with infrastructure, pre-tested and optimized for the scale of AI resources a business might need. The result is that data scientists can streamline workflows while maximizing infrastructure utilization, innovate faster, reuse resources and collaborate more efficiently.

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