FatPipe Integrates LTE into its Intelligent Edge SD-WAN Devices

FatPipe Networks has integrated LTE into its intelligent edge SD-WANs.

This innovation will provide small branches with a backup service for their fixed line solutions. In addition, customers can also use multiple 4G/LTE connections in locations where they do not have fixed line options.

FatPipe’s SD-WAN can provide automatic failover and intelligent load balancing from one line to another without dropping a session or VPN connection. This ensures that a session or a VoIP call is not dropped when a line fails and the session is carried over to another line.

FatPipe’s integration leverages three of its previous innovations. The company’s patented SD-WAN technology, for instance, enables data to be placed on a single line and fail over seamlessly to a second line without dropping the session or packets. The integration also leverages the company’s patented Dynamic IP addressing scheme technology. Plus, FatPipe WAN optimization reduces the amount of data transmitted by 40 percent to 90 percent, further reducing LTE costs.

FatPipe’s SD-WAN solutions simplify multi-vendor interoperability and include key features that transcend WAN failures to maintain business continuity, including zero-touch branch deployment, hybrid WAN connectivity, tuned application performance, easy integration, granular network visibility, multi-path security, secure full mesh VPN connectivity and flexible centralized policy deployments.