Teridion Integrates With Cisco Meraki MX Security and SD-WAN Appliances

Teridion has announced deep integration with Cisco Meraki MX Security and SD-WAN appliances.

The combined solution delivers the industry-leading Auto-VPN and SD-WAN capabilities of Cisco Meraki’s MX appliances with Teridion’s high throughput and low latency public cloud-based WAN service.

Enterprises can now take advantage of a WAN solution that has visibility and control of first, middle, and last mile of the internet and extends SD-WAN and WAN acceleration beyond enterprise sites to include SaaS applications and enterprise cloud workloads across multiple public cloud providers.

Today’s announcement highlights the new, seamless network level integration between Teridion’s global accelerated network and Cisco Meraki’s Auto-VPN routing and high availability capabilities. As always, the Cisco Meraki and Teridion solution is secured with Cisco Meraki’s market leading security capabilities and managed in the cloud.

Teridion also announced today the general availability of Teridion for Enterprise, which aims to eliminate the reliability and performance gap introduced by the reliance on the public internet middle-mile and exposed by the massive shifts to the cloud and SD-WAN.

By tightly integrating with a leading SD-WAN solution such as the Cisco Meraki SD-WAN, Teridion unites centralized cloud management, enterprise-grade security, and ultra-fast WAN performance in a single, tightly integrated offering. As a result, enterprises can leverage a solution that is optimized for delivery performance, reliability, control, and visibility end to end across the public internet.

The Teridion cloud WAN service is a simple, snap-in integration with Cisco Meraki MX enterprise security and SD-WAN appliances that brings carrier grade internet and WAN performance to broadband and dedicated internet access connections. Enterprises can expect to see throughput improvement ranging from 20 to 300 percent, and improved circuit-grade network performance around latency, loss, and jitter.

Teridion is available at a fraction of the cost of carrier circuits, and is backed with an SLA. Partners that offer the combined Cisco Meraki and Teridion solution will be able to engage more opportunities and offer a compelling new service to their installed base.

“Teridion’s deep integration with Cisco Meraki and the high performance internet service means channel partners and resellers no longer have to try and hand craft do-it-yourself solutions that include SD-WAN and security appliances (such as Cisco Meraki’s MX appliances), middle mile internet services, and third party monitoring tools,” said director of channel sales Kevin Moynahan. “Teridion’s high performance internet service is a snap in integration with Cisco Meraki MX appliances and makes it really simple and easy to deliver powerful SD-WAN and high performance internet services that include performance improvements to SaaS applications and public cloud workloads. The channel is now equipped with an exciting new service they’ve never had before to meet these connectivity and delivery issues that until today were unaddressed for their clients. “

Moynahan elaborated on the impact that the announcement will have on Teridion’s channel program.

“This announcement accelerates the growth of our channel program,” Moynahan continued. “Teridion is excited to be working even more closely with Cisco Meraki Sales and channel partners, as we continue to expand and build out our channel.  As part of this integration, our channel team has been busy educating the Cisco Meraki channel or this exciting new service.  This greatly expands the reach of the Teridion service worldwide through Cisco.  Teridion for Enterprise will allow Cisco Meraki partners to further differentiate and separate themselves from the competition.  For Teridion’s channel, they can now offer this Cisco Meraki integrated solution as a powerful new solution to their clients.  Channel partners are augmenting their suite of leading solutions to uniquely address the last mile, middle mile and end-to-end connectivity needs of enterprises, solidifying them as the partner of choice and opening up new revenue opportunities.”