Granite Implements Neustar Call Solutions with STIR/SHAKEN Mandate

Neustar Inc., a global information services and technology company and leader in identity resolution, has implemented Trusted Call Solutions across the Granite Telecommunications network, including Certified Caller and Robocall Mitigation. The solutions help authenticate callers and combat illegal robocalls to ensure Granite’s multilocation enterprise and government agency customers benefit from secure, accurate and informed call experiences.

Neustar Trusted Call Solutions have enabled Granite to sign calls and manage end-to-end STIR/SHAKEN call authentication. These solutions help Granite secure its position within an ecosystem of trusted operators seeking to protect enterprise customers from unwanted and illegal robocalls, and enhance the call experience across landline, mobile and VoIP devices.

Neustar is an industry leader in caller identification solutions, a co-author of the STIR standards, a key contributor to the SHAKEN framework and the exclusive operator of the ATIS Robocalling Testbed for SHAKEN/STIR implementations.

Granite implemented these Neustar Trusted Call Solutions:

  • Certified Caller – This cloud-based solution offers automated caller identity validation by implementing the latest STIR/SHAKEN call authentication standards, allowing Granite to detect and flag illegally spoofed calls in real time to protect users from phone scams and support trusted communications.
  • Robocall Mitigation – This solution uses advanced call analytics, fraud modeling and numbering expertise to enable Granite to identify illegal calls originating in the network and stop them from reaching subscribers. Robocall Mitigation works alongside STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to help Granite identify unauthorized and suspicious use of phone numbers and detect trends and anomalies in calling patterns.

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