GTT Selected as Exclusive Event ISP to Glasshouses

GTT Communications was selected as the exclusive event ISP to Glasshouses, developer and operator of The Glasshouse and Glasshouse Chelsea, a collection of premier, technologically advanced event spaces in New York City.

GTT’s network will support Wi-Fi and hard wired bandwidth for thousands of attendee devices. Bandwidth is offered from 1GB to 10GB. GTT’s dedicated, secure connections are deployed on-site to support event clients with specific, latency-sensitive needs such as livestreaming.

The GTT Event Services team provides support before, during and after events to ensure the success of each Glasshouse venue experience. Glasshouses’ clients and staff are able to use GTT’s simple, dedicated venue portal page for purchasing internet services. Clients can also make adjustments to an order in real time to increase wireless tiers or add additional services.