Nomadix, 360 Networks Reach Agreement to Support Hotel Contactless Calling, Digital Concierge Services

Nomadix, a technology services provider for hospitality and multi-tenant industries, reached an agreement with 360 Networks to equip hotel rooms with Angie in-room voice assistants that are powered by 360’s ComXchange hospitality communications platform. The partnership follows Nomadix’s acquisition of Angie Hospitality, and will allow the technology to become available via 360’s portfolio of resellers.

Angie technology provides an alternative to traditional phones that uses voice control and touchscreen capabilities to support streamlined hotel guest satisfaction, operations, staff efficiency and revenue opportunity.

The upgrade will support contactless, touch-free options for making service requests, making inquiries, controlling smart room functions and sharing recommendations via voice or touchscreen, supported via an on-premises or cloud-based deployment.

The capability also integrates with hotel property management systems (PMS) to coordinate guest requests and comply with e911 requirements, in addition to offering a clock, radio and Bluetooth speaker.