P2 telecom Becomes the Latest Master Agency in the AppSmart Invest Program; Forms P2 Broadband to Offer Network Services to Business Customers

P2 telecom, a Connecticut-based telecommunications and cloud master agency, today announced it has joined the AppSmart Invest program, an innovative funding program designed for technology advisors.

P2 joins a growing list of master agencies that includes Global Communications Group, PSI Network, US Network Inc and Netstar Communications that has enlisted with AppSmart.

Along with joining the Invest program, P2 also revealed the asset acquisition of Challenger Telecom, a six-year-old fixed wireless company in New York City that will provide redundant, flexible internet solutions to enterprise and SMB organizations. The new company will be called P2 Broadband.

“We chose to affiliate with AppSmart as the next generation of business models that transforms the buying journey of the business customer and accelerates the sales partner’s ability to better serve his customers,” said Bill Patchett, CEO of P2 telecom. “Consolidating services into a convenient, user-friendly and searchable platform, allows the business customer to explore service options while at the same time relying on his sales partner to help navigate the services that best fit his business.”

With AppSmart Invest, business owners benefit from an enhanced capital structure while maintaining full ownership of their business. The brand-new program includes fast and fair valuation, upside growth potential, evergreen commissions, and all the leading back-office services powered by the AppSmart Marketplace.

“This state-of-the-art program offers AppSmart’s extensive ecosystem of sales and support to owners,” said Tim Basa, Vice President of Sales at AppSmart. “It gives owners the flexibility to continue growing their businesses without having to exit. In addition to a generous up-front cash amount, they continue to receive long-term residual payments. We call that smart funding.”

Patchett added, “With the additional funding we secured through our AppSmart relationship, we were able to invest in providing broadband and business continuity services by forming P2 Broadband. P2 Broadband provides redundant, flexible internet solutions from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps. P2 Broadband has worked with enterprise organizations and SMBs across all industries to ensure our wholly owned network meets their business needs and is scalable to grow as their companies evolve. The solution is monitored 24X7X365 by our expert staff based in NYC to ensure there is no disruption should a disaster occur. These safeguards allow operations to continue seamlessly without interruption in the face of natural disasters, security breaches, employee error or other threats.”

Companies can explore P2 Broadband by visiting https://P2Broadband.com or by contacting Bill Patchett at BPatchett@P2telecom.com or calling 203-564-9016.

P2 telecom is a Stamford, Connecticut-based master agency that comprises diversified business partners with deep roots in the telecommunications and cloud-distribution services. Strong networks and long-established relationships make us a powerful partner, opening doors for those who want to do business in North America.

P2 telecom’s business represents some of the nation’s leading telecommunications and cloud partners, earning it their trust and building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Its commitment to anticipate and support its partners’ needs has driven its success for the last decade.

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