Partner Platform Announces Integration with Lightspeed Voice

Partner Platform agency management system has announced seamless integration with Lightspeed Voice, which offers a complete VoIP phone solution, including: live switchboard, ability to listen in on calls, record calls, real-time performance metrics, and a screen pop-up on inbound calls, so Partner Platform will automatically pull up the prospect or contact’s information.

Partner Platform and Lightspeed Voice enable easy client communication through integration of agency management system and VOIP phone system.

Steve Mohr, VP of Sales and Marketing for Lightspeed Voice, said, “After meeting with the Partner Platform team, we saw they share many of the same values we do as a company, such as providing personalized service above and beyond what many others in the industry provide. Both customer bases are very loyal, which is a testament to the product and company.”

Partner Allies provide products and services which work with Partner Platform agency management system enhancing the independent agency’s capacity to retain, grow, and service clients. These relationships are more than integrations – they are commitments from like-minded vendors collaborating to serve mutual clients and leveraging diverse strengths to improve the experience of our agencies.