PCCW Global wins Wholesale Provider of the Year

PCCW Global was named “Wholesale Provider of the Year – Global” at recent the MEF Awards 2019 in Los Angeles .

The MEF is a global industry association with more than 200 member companies and a driving force to enable agile, assured, and orchestrated communication services that empower users with the dynamic performance and security required to thrive in the digital economy. The MEF Awards program recognizes service, application, technology, and professional excellence in the global community committed to delivering innovative solutions that are optimized for the digital economy.

The announcement of PCCW Global as the Wholesale Provider of the Year marks the 5th consecutive year that PCCW Global has won this prestigious award. It showcases and recognizes the company’s leading status as an international Tier-1 telecommunications network carrier linking customers around the globe with an emphasis on automation and flexibility.

PCCW Global’s network has PoP services in 109 countries, complemented by 188 wholesale partners to provide scalable, reliable and cost-effective software defined networking capabilities to over 150 countries.