Safe-T Announces Expansion of its Indirect Partner Sales Channel

Safe-T Group, a provider of secure access solutions for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, has announced that the company successfully expanded its indirect partner sales channel during 2Q20.

Since the implementation of Safe-T’s strategy earlier this year, to shift from direct to indirect sales, more than 25 new partners joined Safe-T as sales channels for its remote access solutions, expanding the reach and presence of Safe-T’s solutions in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

“Safe-T’s decision to build a global channel partners program, as part of its new indirect/channels growth strategy, was executed much faster than we anticipated, mainly due to the market’s urgent need to enable secure remote access to workforces to address challenges of the coronavirus pandemic,” stated Avi Rubenstein, chief business officer at Safe-T. “Our unique solutions allow partners to deploy secure remote access to enterprises in a matter of hours, instead of days to weeks, and our channel partners know they can depend on Safe-T to continuously deliver innovative solutions in this time of global need. We believe that we can enable the discovery of new markets, shape demand and win business through our indirect sales channels.”

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