Talkdesk Appoints President, COO

Talkdesk Inc., a global cloud contact center leader, has appointed William (Bill) Welch as president and chief operating officer (COO). Welch will work closely with Talkdesk Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tiago Paiva to accelerate the company’s growth and continue to build a world-class organization that delivers on white glove customer service, industry-best product innovation and new and expanded customer relationships around the world.

Talkdesk remains committed to reinventing the customer experience industry and advancing our growth,” said Paiva. “With a background in scaling global organizations, Bill is the perfect fit for us to realize our vision and mission. Together, Bill, the leadership team, and the entire Talkdesk organization will work tirelessly to bring new products and innovations to brands that want to truly change the way they engage with customers. We’re excited about the future of Talkdesk.”

Welch has extensive experience bringing a company’s vision and mission to life by operationalizing and scaling product development and innovation, customer expansion and experience, talent retention and acquisition, and strategic alliances across the globe. His track record of achievement at companies including Zscaler and Duo Security is grounded in a comprehensive approach to leadership that brings together employee engagement, customer and partner loyalty, and operational excellence to deliver business results. He is guided by an uncompromising value system managed to a standard set of principles that include nurturing a performance-driven culture.

“Over the past decade, Talkdesk has experienced an impressive growth trajectory due in large part to the company’s commitment to steady product innovation, strong leadership, and superior customer support,” said Tom Reilly, member of, board of directors, Talkdesk. “We’re eager for Bill to join the Talkdesk mission. With his proven expertise in scaling world-class companies, we’re confident the Talkdesk growth and expansion plans will be further accelerated.”

Talkdesk is focused on creating cloud-based software and services that change the way brands and customers engage. Whether through artificial intelligence, customer experience analytics, omnichannel engagement, industry-specific product portfolios or more, Talkdesk technology modernizes the contact center and allows organizations to simplify and scale their customer support.