VIPRE Offers SMB Endpoint Protection Starting at $1

VIPRE is out to make it easier for SMBs and partners to choose and deploy next-generation endpoint security with advanced machine learning. The company launched VIPRE Advanced Security for Business, a single solution that provides “top-rated” endpoint protection, anti-phishing and email security, zero-day malware and other threats, all for as low as $12 per seat annually.

The solution includes everything needed to ensure the safety and security of networks and data, according to Usman Choudhary, chief product officer for VIPRE. For SMBs with 250 employees, VIPRE Advanced Security priced at $12 annually per seat compares to $25 – $81 per seat/year for competing solutions.

“VIPRE Advanced Security is ideal for solution providers like us,” said David Bruyere, president of MIS Partners. “When we combine VIPRE’s outstanding malware protection capabilities and best-in-class price point, we will be more competitive than ever before, especially when targeting deals of 250 seats and more. VIPRE is providing their partners with a valuable strategy to grow our revenue and win bigger deals.”

“SMBs are concerned about ransomware, zero-day attacks and other advanced threats, but they can be easily overwhelmed by too many security products available to them. Selecting the solution, they need to protect themselves in a simple, cost-effective way is a tremendous challenge. Industry wide, there are too many complex packaging and pricing options that all too often turn into Trojan Horses – sub-standard protection plans that are ineffective and lead to costly, unforeseen upgrade cycles,” said Choudhary. “So we are making it simple for SMBs. We are offering them a single solution that provides top-rated anti-malware so they always have the highest level of protection they need when they need it. With VIPRE Advanced Security, there are no costly upgrades or gaps in protection. Powered by next-generation advanced machine learning, one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds and real-time behavior monitoring, VIPRE provides complete enterprise-class defense to SMBs at the industry’s best value.”

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