Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN Adds Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Windstream Enterprise (WE) has added new Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice command features to its industry-leading SD-WAN solution, enabling network administrators to work more efficiently.

WE already includes Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration in its OfficeSuite UC solution. This integration with SD-WAN marks the second major voice command innovation, and further demonstrates Windstream Enterprise’s commitment to helping customers streamline their daily activities and simplify their workloads.

SD-WAN customers can now get a pulse on their SD-WAN environment with the following features:

SD-WAN Daily Summary: Provides site status, including the total number of disconnected, connected and impaired sites, as well as sites pending activation.

Ticket Summary: Presents a high-level readout of total open and recently updated tickets.

Ticket Activity: Delivers a more granular look at open tickets, including the ID number, opened date, trouble type and location for which the ticket was created.

Through a simple log in via WE Connect, Windstream Enterprise’s network management portal, customers gain the convenience of digital voice assistants across both SD-WAN and unified communications to stay apprised of their tasks, network health and workload. With a simple voice command, customers will be able to say things like: “Ok Google, Ask Windstream to get my SD-WAN overview,” or “Alexa, Ask Windstream to get my ticket summary.”

Many more voice commands are available for both SD-WAN and OfficeSuite UC functions.