Xcitium Expands Global Partner Network

Xcitium, the malware prevention specialist and full-stack security provider, announces an international expansion program. The company has signed deals with leading value-added distributors (VADs) in EMEA, APAC-J and LATAM-C as it positions for a share of the global cybersecurity market, forecast to grow by 11.3 percent in 2023 to more than $188 billion, according to Gartner.

U.S.-based Xcitium, formerly known as Comodo Security Solutions, already has more than 5,000 active customers and partners, many of them outside the United States. The expansion of its partner network recognizes the critical role of VADs in accelerating the company’s international growth.

Ezra Correa, VP of global markets at Xcitium, said, “Global cybersecurity threats have grown exponentially since 2020 and service providers like Xcitium are expanding at a similar rate to keep our customers safe. No one can do that alone. The industry needs to work as an international ecosystem to meet the challenge.

“Our partners are all leaders in their territories. We look forward to working with them all to help enterprise customers all over the world protect their businesses from increasingly ingenious and determined bad actors,”. Correa added.

Xcitium provides full-stack MDR/EDR/XDR services underpinned by its patented ZeroDwell Containment technology that prevents malware from breaching systems without impeding business productivity. Xcitum’s technology isolates the one percent to five percent of new or unknown malware threats that other systems miss, stopping them before they have time or opportunity to do damage.

Xcitium also makes ZeroDwell Containment available for third-party security platforms creating upsell opportunities for VADs.

“The growth of cybersecurity threats coincides with a period of global economic challenge,” Correa said. “That means customers are having to fight back harder than ever while their security budgets are under pressure. Our solution provides an affordable way to strengthen their security blanket and sleep easier at night.”

For additional details, please visit Xcitum.com.