AT&T Expands Ethernet Footprint

AT&T has announced a switched Ethernet feature that uses U-verse broadband services to reach more customers.

“We’ve seen 1,300 percent growth in switched Ethernet ports from 2010 to 2014,” the company said. “And demand is continuing to grow. Whether customers need last-mile connectivity, to connect multiple offices on a single network, or create a global virtual private network, we offer a solution.”

The new Ethernet capability will support almost any network topology — from basic site-to-site connections to a fully meshed any-to-any configuration.  It also supports VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) so that customers can control how their data flows between sites.

“We’re delivering advanced and efficient Ethernet services to our customers,” said Rick Hubbard, senior vice president, Business Product Management, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions. “In 2015, we expanded our Ethernet services significantly. We added major markets, gave customers more flexibility and introduced new lightning-fast speeds. This new feature is a large part of our strategy to move to an all-Ethernet and IP network.  We’re giving our customers the benefits of Ethernet they’ve been asking for.”