Baicells Showcases Fixed Wireless 5G Hardware Kit

Baicells Technologies, a leading manufacturer of cost-effective LTE and 5G NR hardware solutions, is showcasing its upcoming 5G product line at WISPAPALOOZA 2021. The company highlighted an outdoor 5G fixed wireless base station, an indoor 5G fixed wireless base station and a 4G/5G baseband unit (BBU), which can be upgraded from 4G to 5G with a simple chip swap.

Baicells has designed fixed wireless hardware that can be easily upgraded from LTE to 5G by swapping out a 4G BBU with a 5G BBU, allowing operators to avoid a tower climb to upgrade the network hardware.

5G networks will require the use of a baseband unit (BBU) to provide full 5G coverage as defined by the 3GPP. Baicells designates this BBU as the Pulsar 4G/5G series. The Pulsar BBU is designed to help operators avoid expensive tower climbs when it comes to upgrading the private LTE network to a full-fledged 5G network by making it possible to simply swap out the 4G BBU with a 5G BBU to upgrade the network from 4G to 5G when used alongside a Gamma846 or a Gamma430.

The outdoor fixed wireless 5G base station is named Gamma846. This powerful 4x4MIMO, 8x5W eNB can begin operations as a LTE base station and be upgraded to 5G with a simple BBU upgrade. Baicells designed this base station to be widely accessible and allow fixed wireless operators the ability to begin building a 4G network today and upgrade it to a 5G network when you’re ready.

The indoor fixed wireless 5G base station is named Gamma430, a picoRRU that can be deployed in enterprise indoor locations to blanket a compact area in 5G coverage and provide full coverage for IoT devices and other commercial internet needs. This unit can be installed in hospitals, shopping malls, transportation hubs and other areas to densify network coverage and improve throughput speeds.