BlueOSS Launches Cloud-Based Wholesaler Pricing and Support Platform

Billing and analytics specialist BlueOSS has launched the Wholesaler Pricing and Support Program under the company’s flagship Cloud Innovation Suite (CIS).  This strategic initiative enables wholesale customers to capture new revenue and market opportunities via their resellers’ sales efforts directly through the CIS platform. The service provides resellers access to a fully automated, pay-as-you-go cloud billing platform, pre-configured to integrate and customize catalog and cloud offerings for the solutions they sell.

BlueOSS’ CIS leverages a multi-tier inheritable catalog technology that enables service providers to directly port their catalogs into platform, then select the services they want to bill for on behalf of a specific reseller.  The platform enables resellers to seamlessly upload additional wholesale service offerings out of their own catalog. A common connection between catalogs also allows wholesaler providers to more effectively manage the provisioning process, while empowering them with access to sales analytics and business intelligence.

“The Wholesaler Pricing Program abandons the conventional reseller mentality by focusing on amplifying the support and analytics tools that increase sales and deliver more business value through effective reseller partnerships,” said Tim Cook, CEO of BlueOSS.  “BlueOSS is committed to the ongoing development and success of reseller organizations.  Our easy-to-use tools and strategic support ensure successful, profitable business relationships, while eliminating the barrier to entry surrounding the cloud services market for resellers.”

BlueOSS’ platform and its pricing structure allows the wholesaler to be billed only for the items invoiced to its reseller. Resellers are not billed for selling items inherited from the wholesale provider in their catalogs.  BlueOSS also provides resellers the opportunity to add its own products to their catalogs, creating white-label cloud services that they can then sell via their own, custom interface.  For this, BlueOSS charges a standard revenue share percentage on anything billed through the platform.


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