XCV Partners Introduces ‘Evolution’ of TSD Model

A group of channel veterans this week announced the launch of XCV Partners, representing an alternative to traditional technology solutions distributor (TSDs), said company executives. Citing the evolving needs of both enterprise technology sellers and buyers,

“XCV is not here to supplant the existing model but to enhance and amplify it,” the announcement continued. This is achieved by “placing partners’ needs at the forefront and ushering in a new era of fairness, transparency and collaboration.”

“XCV invites high-producing partners to apply to join a curated syndicate of like-minded companies focused on revolutionizing enterprise sales,” said Roger Blohm, XCV’s chief revenue officer and a former EVP for Telarus.

For starters, traditional distributors impose a tax through lower passthrough, regardless of whether partners utilize their full menu of services, said company executives. XCV is committed to passing along a higher percentage of each sale to members, ensuring that partners only pay for the services they truly benefit from. XCV also said it will deploy MDF funds transparently and equitably. This will end an era of uncertainty in which allocation of MDF has been obscured, leaving partners questioning whether MDF is being used to develop new customer relationships, while leaving some suppliers frustrated because they cannot draw a direct line between their MDF investments and new customer acquisition.

Likewise, XCV promises to actively support members through lead generation – something that has become a major gap in the indirect model, said the company – and won’t leave them behind as the company grows. Top-producing partners of XCV will be rewarded with a path toward participation in future valuation of the company.

“XCV will bring together an elite group of self-sufficient partners, fostering a collaborative environment where members can achieve more together,” announced the company. “XCV Partners is not a new type of TSD, it is the evolution of indirect technology distribution.”

For inquiries and applications, please visit www.XCV.partners or contact Doug Tolley, general manager for XCV, at dtolley@xcv.partners, 801.557.7334